Furnished Rental Townhouse for COVID-19 Emergency Teams in Bloemfontein

When traveling to Bloemfontein for the Corona Virus Outbreak as a worker on the frontline emergency services such as healthcare providers; relief workers; task teams; doctors; lawyers; auditors; maintenance; installation etc. it makes sense to look for a Fully Furnished Townhouse and have the entire place for yourself instead of staying in a hotel. 

The space


When you're in a hotel, you are not able to isolate yourself as you are constantly in close contact with other guests in all the shared communal areas such as the lobby; dining room etc. In your own fully furnished townhouse you can isolate yourself; get to feel at home; to rest and to prepare your own homemade meals in your own fully equipped kitchen. Keeping your own Fully Furnished Home sterile is in your control. All CKSA housekeeping has been terminated to avoid any form of contamination and to ensure a safe environment. Instead we supply you with your own CDC cleaning agents; dishwasher; washing machine; microwave etc.


Keeping in contact with work and family

We offer 100GIG to ensure that you can enjoy Netflix and keep in touch with your work team and family during your stay.  You have a table and chairs in the lounge should you need to work from home.

Guest access

Guests check themselves into the townhouse by means of a code box.  All contact with others is thus eliminated.

The entire townhouse is for you to enjoy! Garden; verandah; two garages and more Our fully furnished corporate housing in Bloemfontein ensures that with self isolation you lower the risk of contamination.

Methods followed to ensure high standard of hygiene followed in house cleaning Fully Furnished Rentals
High level precautionary measures
Disinfectant used works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects
Supply 70% Alcohol spray (CDC)
Clean and sanitise hands with soap 
All carpets; beds and couches are washed before occupation.
72 hours between reservations to clean, disinfect and turnover space for future guests.