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When you're choosing where are going to stay during business or vacation travel to Tel Aviv, the options are endless. There are beautiful hotels, homes to rent, and corporate housing providers who can match your employees up with temporary living. At CorporateKeySA, we're proud to be one of the best Airbnb in Tel Aviv that provides businesses with beachfront accommodations for busy business travelers to unwind at the end of a long workday.



Our apartments have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with plenty of living space to kick back and relax after work. Our Frishman Beach apartments are a short walk from the beach. Many of our business travelers enjoy bringing their families with them to stay in our housing, and our Airbnb rental provides plenty of space for multiple guests. Our fully stocked, open-concept kitchens and living areas can easily accommodate advice if it meets your requirement and we can proceed with viewing the units 2-4 guests, making it a perfect place for the rest of the family to relax while your employee spends the day at work.

Our apartments are conveniently located, just minutes away from supermarkets, museums, galleries, and high-tech work areas making it easy for your vacation to be in the office no matter how far away they are. We know that you have many choices when you're looking for Airbnb in Tel Aviv, and we're glad that you're considering working with CorporateKeySA. Please feel free to give us a call to learn more about how we can meet your business travel needs.

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