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  fully Furnished Rentals in Upington

 Upington Fully furnished


Fully furnished  townhouse in Upington perfect solution of  rising costs , companies are looking for cost-effective ways to cut costs on hefty travel expenses when having to send a team on a temporary assignment .Ideal for any Solar Construction project  team; lawyers; doctors; auditors; maintenance; development; opening a branch in Upington  university; construction etc. So how do you find the balance to save money yet give each colleague his/ her own space when they travel, stay and work together in Short   term   fully furnished accommodation In Upington

It can be stressful when sharing a small hotel room or BnB. Giving your employees a home away from home allows each coworker to enjoy the privacy of his own bathroom and bedroom with the option to enjoy time together and share ideas in the communal living space and garden after a day’s work. Each bedroom can be locked separately.


A company could for less cost put coworkers in a corporate housing rental by cutting back on expensive hotel or Bnb  lodgings, high food bills and hidden costs.  The biggest challenge is finding the right accommodation. Let Corporatekeysa help you find the ideal accommodation for your co-workers that issecure; spacious, comfortable and fully furnished.

Corporatekeysa offers flexibility. We can tailor make your lease to fit with your assignments that  can suddenly end or  be extended for a month or more at a time. Short term rental is ideal - just ask and we will find the right fit to suit your needs and pocket.

Furnished lounge Upington
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