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Sending Employees to Tel Aviv? Why Corporate Housing Makes Sense

You care about the well-being of your employees, and you only want the best for them when they're traveling for business. When you're deciding where your employees will stay on their travels to Tel Aviv, you have many choices. Hotels are numerous, and options such as Airbnb make it easier than ever to find a place to (temporarily) call home. At CorporateKeySA, we're proud to offer corporate housing that meets your companies needs and makes your employees' trip to Tel Aviv a pleasure.



Other housing companies offer stuffy, office-like accommodations. We believe that business trips should feel as close to a vacation as possible, at least when it's time to relax in corporate housing at the end of the day. Our corporate housing companies' accommodations are on Frishman Beach, just steps away from the Mediterranean Sea. After your other employees see pictures of the corporate housing in Tel Aviv, they'll be lining up for you to send them on the next trip to Israel.



We understand that your employees will likely need a space to work together while they're traveling, and our corporate housing offers plenty of room for your employees to get together and work. Our two-bedroom apartments have space for 8-10 people to come together and work, and there's a comfortable cross-breeze provided by the open-air concept in the living space of the apartment. While your employees will be working hard, they'll also have the chance to kick back and enjoy the apartment.



You have many choices for corporate housing, and we're glad you're considering CorporateKeySA. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us to learn if we can meet your company's business travel accommodation needs.

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