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Project Accommodation
Fully Furnished 
In South Africa

Let Corporatekeysa Pty Ltd Furnish, manage & service all your  Accommodation and Furnished Apartments needs 

Corporatekeysa has an excellent reputation in a corporate rental for projects. With 10 years' experience and an excellent record with telecommunication and solar projects countrywide, you can be reassured that we can save you time, energy, and money.

When launching a new project it is important to consider the well-being of your employees. Hotels, Airbnb; guest houses, etc. make it easy to find temporary accommodation but it can become costly and it never feels like home. Trying to find furnished accommodation takes time and has a direct impact on company time!     

At Corporatekeysa, we're proud to offer corporate housing that meets your companies needs and makes your employees' project accommodation a pleasure to stay. Our aim is to help your company save time and to increase productivity. Your employee simply collects his keys to his home and reports to work.

Accommodation can be short to long term depending on the project.  Let us help you with the costing and planning. The price will be determined by furniture needs; rental period and location

help us make you an offer please forward the following information on your email:

  • City and site address

  • Preliminary starting

  • Estimated number of employees needing project accommodation

  • How many people can share one room

  • Any special requirements & extra service

Call Dorian at WathsApp 0834069418 or 0127435708

View some of our Furnished  Rentals Accommodation  and Lets Us Accommodate your project workers

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